1998.12.22 01:50 "Archive of past mailing list messages?", by Ryan Hofschneider

1998.12.22 01:53 "Re: Archive of past mailing list messages?", by Kiriakos Georgiou

Does anyone know where more recent mailing list messages might be archived?

The archives I found in ftp.sgi.com/graphics/tiff/archives only go up to January 1995.

You can send the following commands to majordomo@olympiakos.com (or listserv@olympiakos.com):

index tiff

This will show you what archives are available.

get tiff tiff.archive.9812

This will send you the archive for the 12th month of 1998. Since the list was created on December 5th there is only one archive so far. I don't know if Sam can provide you with archives for '97 and '98.