2004.11.03 21:21 "Re: [Tiff] [Patch] tif_next.c and TIFFStreamOpen()", by Edward Lam

2004.11.03 22:27 "Re: [Tiff] [Patch] tif_next.c and TIFFStreamOpen()", by Frank Warmerdam

At Frank Warmerdam's request, I've now submitted the patches to tif_next.c and for C++ stream support under bugs 653 and 654 respectively. Sorry for the spam as I would have submitted these in bugzilla if I had realized sooner. :)


Your posts to the mailing list were not at all inappropriate or considered spam. Your contriubution is quite welcome. However, it is hard for Andrey and I to know who should take care of patches to the list. More disturbingly there is a substantial chance of the changes being dropped and not addressed by anyone. Submitting via bugzilla helps us ensure that each contribution or bug report is eventually considered for action.

Even when submitting bug reports to the bugzilla interface, I believe it's also good to at least post one small message to the mailing list containing at least a small description of what is submitted. That is because some here might be very interested in just that topic, or even more generally in everything TIFF related, and, not receiving notice of what's new on bugzilla or checking bugzilla every other day or something, would otherwise not know.

This is merely my humble opinion, and if Frank said otherwise, then please disregard my opinion. If he didn't say otherwise, then I would suggest best possible procedure for large patches and such stuff is probably submitting to bugzilla first, and next posting a small description on the list. Probably best to also include the URL of the bugzilla entry in the post, so that interested mailing list subscribers and archive users can easilly choose to investigate the entry.

I would agree. A post to the list with a direct link to the bugzilla bug is the best of all worlds. Everyone has an idea of what is going on. The changes are tracked in bugzilla. And routine followup not of broad interest can take place within the bugzilla but still be accessable to parties who are interested and add themselves to the cc: list.

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