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2000.05.23 14:24 "Re:", by Frank Warmerdam

the latest libtiff 3.5.5 distribution produces a with a Is there any reason for not having proper version numbers in the SONAME?


There is no compelling reason that version numbers of some sort are not included in libtiff; however, we have tried to avoid messing too much with the dso generation. If we rework libtiff to use autoconf we will also likely switch to use automake, and libtool. I imagine we would then use the normal libtool .so numbering scheme (not directly related to release numbers like 3.5.5 for reasons clarified in the libtool documentation). However, this is all a substantial effort to do well, and we aren't promising when it will happen.

In the meantime of course, it is always possible to hack the makefiles a bit locally to attach whatever your desired version numbers are. Presumably this is what Sun did.

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