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2003.10.01 23:02 "[Tiff] Mailing list Info", by Scott Becker
2003.10.02 13:31 "[Tiff] Mailing list Info", by Frank Warmerdam

2003.10.02 13:31 "[Tiff] Mailing list Info", by Frank Warmerdam

It appears that:

*Mailing List*:
*Mailing List Subscription*:
*Mailing List Archive*:

at the top of needs to be updated to your new list.


From the WHOIS records it seems that the domain has now been hijacked by Last week it pointed to their own domain auction page, but now it seems to point to an old copy of the libtiff pages, perhaps the ones on the original hosting machine, I'm not quite sure. But I have verified my old logon information for ftp updates of the site don't work anymore.

In short, I still don't control the domain. Please refer to accurate information.

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