2005.12.11 12:44 "[Tiff] [PATCH] LynxOS compile fixes", by Olli Savia

2005.12.12 21:32 "[Tiff] Bug in tiffcp (unsupported codecs return 0)", by Jason Frank

Long time no post. Libtiff has been working entirely too well. Ran into something unusual today though. I'm using libtiff version 3.7.3. We need to tiffcp a bunch of single-page tiffs into multi-page tiffs. Normally, this isn't a problem, but somehow, some images that are Old-style JPEG compressed are in the mix.

Due to some constraints from some other software, I've intentionally left out Old-style JPEG support from my library. So, when we tiffcp these images, libtiff complains that there is no support for these images

"BWJ1Z38F.TIF: Old-style JPEG compression support is not configured."

That part is great, and I expect that. But tiffcp then produces the output TIF and exits with a return code of 0. I check the return code in my program, and assume everything worked well.

The problem is that the output TIF that was created is not a healthy one (as you can imagine.)

It would be nice if tiffcp were to return a non-zero status and possibly clean up the output file when it encounters codecs that it doesn't understand. Does anyone see any problem with that?