2007.08.08 21:04 "[Tiff] easy for experts but not for me", by minton black

Hi All, I am trying to develop a simple Tiff library with using VB.NET. (if you know any, please inform me)I've read the Tiff 6.0 specs., and achieve to read the tags and the image data. I can see that image is LZW compress. I've find an LZW library to decompress the image data. After decompressing the data, I wrote it to a file but the output is not an valid image file.

(I want to extract pages as bmps from multipage tifs) The Tiff info (Aware Systems AsTiffTagViewer)SubFileType (1 Long): ZeroImageWidth (1 Short): 50ImageLength (1 Short): 50BitsPerSample (3 Short): 8, 8, 8Compression (1 Short): LZWPhotometric (1 Short): RGBStripOffsets (1 Long): 8SamplesPerPixel (1 Short): 3RowsPerStrip (1 Long): 50StripByteCounts (1 Long): 140XResolution (1 Rational): 96YResolution (1 Rational): 96PlanarConfig (1 Short): ContigResolutionUnit (1 Short): InchPredictor (1 Short): 1 Can anyone please help me, I can send the image and code or anything needed. Regards.


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