2005.05.20 16:08 "[Tiff] TIFF/EP and TIFF 6.0", by Bob Young

2005.05.20 18:48 "RE: [Tiff] TIFF/EP and TIFF 6.0", by Bob Young


That's exactly why I was surprised that Photoshop displayed the thumbnail in IFD0 instead of the main image in the SubIFD. I already have code that generates a valid DNG file with a thumbnail in IFD0 and the main image in a SubIFD. When I use the exact same structure for a TIFF/EP file PhotoshopCS opens the thumbnail instead of the main image. Is there something else besides the TIFF/EPStandardID tag that informs Photoshop that the main image is in a SubIFD?


Bob Young