2005.03.31 19:25 "[Tiff] tiff extraction given byte offset", by Adam Donald

2005.03.31 22:18 "Re: [Tiff] tiff extraction given byte offset", by Antoine

I am looking for a utility to quickly extract a tiff image from a multi-tiff file given the beginning and ending byte offsets and optionally the page number. ImageMagick will do this for me given the page number; however, it takes about 4 minutes to pull 2 tiff images out of a 500+ MB file, I am looking for something a little faster, and I think that the byte offset is the key. Is anyone aware of any such utility that would perform this task?

A good read of the very readable reference and a few lines of code. An hour or so with the reference (depending on how well you already know the standard) and another hour to code it. You will also know *exactly* what is going on - which always helps. If you have the byte offsets just go and get the damn things. Nothing like low level i/o to speed things up.