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1999.11.25 09:57 "Re: tiffcp", by Klaus Bartz

Hi Ruediger,
some points to your questions.

  1. Be aware that enflate/deflate is a "private" compression format in TIFF.
  2. libtiff has a packages structure - some packages always included, for some we should write a -with- at configure. For the "new" Windows version I don't know ( I am using beta037 ), but there should be only a -D... in the compiler call and an extended link call. Look into the HTML description; ->Modifying the TIFF Library->Library Configuration and ->Building the software distirbution->Building on a UNIX System ->Configuring Optional Packages/Support
  3. You need the zlib from Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler. If you have little time and you would since years know what a "perpetual motion machine" in data compression is, look to Jean-loup's home page. There is more background too.
  4. For a "full" libtiff version you need libjpeg also. But be aware, you never got the "old" JPEG version from libtiff. The support is for the "new" version with ID 7 in the compression tag ( TTN 2).


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