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2003.08.11 20:33 "[Tiff] Hello and a few ??s", by Andy Cave
2003.08.11 20:56 "[Tiff] Hello and a few ??s", by Frank Warmerdam

2003.08.11 20:56 "[Tiff] Hello and a few ??s", by Frank Warmerdam

Hi Everyone.

I'm new to this newsgroup, so might be saying something already said...

> 1. Where has <> gone?

  1. LZW Predictor is broken in the 3.6Beta2. I have a fix, but am not sure what to do with it.
  2. Is anyone working on a JBIG decompressor for tifflib?

Thanks for all/any replies.


The registration on (the other never existed as far as I know) has expired, and I am working on getting it going again; however, the content is still available at

Andrey has already committed a fix for the LZW stuff since the 3.6 beta 2 release. You might want to try out the code in CVS before submitting the patch via Buzgila.

I am unaware of work going on for libtiff JBIG support.

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