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November 1996

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1996.11.12 18:46 "xloadimage", by Peter Wages
1996.11.12 18:47 "tiff2pcl", by Peter Wages
1996.11.15 13:42 "Re: tiff2pcl", by Dr Klaus Bartz
1996.11.14 20:04 "Re: xloadimage", by James Crawford Ralston

1996.11.15 13:42 "Re: tiff2pcl", by Dr Klaus Bartz

Peter Wages wrote:
> Is there any TIFF to PCL conversion programs ?
> ciao
> p
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> Peter Wages
> EDS  Arlington, Virginia
> Work: (703) 741-7436   Home: (202) 244-3511
> Anywhere is walking distance, if you have the time
> ******************************************************************************
Hello Peter,

tiff2ps <InputFilePath> | gs -dNOPAUSE -sOutputFile=<OutputFilePath>
-sDEVICE=ljet4 -sPAPERSIZE=<MyPaperSize>  - -c quit

I have tested it with tiff2ps from tiff-v3.4beta035/tools and
Ghostsrcipt  4.00 .
It is not fast, but it works.
The output format is PCL DELTA or (with -sDEVICE=laserjet PCL RAW).
If it not run, look to the - between paper size and -c quit ( it is
the flag for stdin or pipe).

I have written a converter from TIFF g3, g4, modg3 and raw which can
create PCL DELTA and RAW. It is a little bit faster
(real 0m20.70s versus real 0m1.54s  on a HP 9000/720 ).
It works on WINDOWS 95 and NT and some UNIX systems. But it is


Dr. Klaus Bartz                      
COI GmbH / Abt. KOU3    Industriestr. 1-3    D-91072 Herzogenaurach
Tel: +49 (9132) 82-3433                        Fax: +49-9132-824959