2004.07.05 13:18 "[Tiff] Problem in understanding the attrib STRIPOFFSETS", by Sulabh Agrawal

2004.07.05 18:05 "Re: [Tiff] Problem in understanding the attrib STRIPOFFSETS", by Andrey Kiselev

Am new to this field n having a problem in uderstanding the values returned by the parameters StripOffsets and StripBytecounts.

Actually the problem is that the input TIFF file is only of size 6.76KB and the values returned by the parameter StripOffsets and StripByteCounts are 3090728 and 3096408 respectively.. that exceeds the size of the File.

If you are using libtiff you don't need to read StripOffsets/ByteCounts directly, the library does it for you. You should use TIFFReadEncodedStrip() or TIFFReadTile() functions to get the actual data for the specified chunk. Of course, you can always read contents of those tags using TIFFGetField().

Anyway, what results the tiffinfo and tiffdump utilities produce on your file?

So, what is it and i want to know if i want to read the image length wise that is (the 61*874 is the dimension of the image in pixels) lets say 61*1 they how should i go on proceeding into it...

For such small image you can work in any manner. For example, you can allocate the buffer for the whole image and fill it by reading strips/tiles one by one (most probably that the whole image contained in the single strip).


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