2004.07.06 22:32 "[Tiff] BigTIFF sample files", by Steve Carlsen


I spent some evenings and weekends updating some of my 10-year-old TIFF tools, and used them to create and verify a couple of "BIG TIFF" files -- images that have 8-byte offsets and can break the 4GB barrier. (My sample files use 8-byte offsets, but are not huge.)

They can be found at:


(I had problems uploading them to the TWiki page.)

For the purpose of these examples, I used a Version number of 43, and an extension of ".btf".

I didn't actually use the 2 new 8-byte TIFF Types for anything; the only 8-byte quantities in these files are the pointer to the 1st IFD in the header, the count of number of entries in the IFD, the 'pointer/value' part of an IFD Entry, and the pointer-to-next-IFD at the end of the IFD. I should really have turned the StripOffsets into 8-byte values; maybe next time.

For both of the BigTIFF files, I also include the corresponding "little TIFF" equivalent, and text 'dump' files of each file.

Steve Carlsen

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