2001.05.22 20:19 "MacOS X", by Frank Warmerdam

2001.05.22 21:36 "Re: MacOS X", by Lars Helldorf

Thanks for account access provided by Ben Dubin-Thaler, I was able to fixup quirks in MacOS X support. The source at:


should configure and build clean on MacOS X.


At this time there is no support for building libtiff as a shared library on MacOS X. While MacOS X appears to have support for shared library (with the extension .dylib instead of .so), I was unable to deduce how to build them.

If anyone can suggest how this should be done, or better yet provide patches, I would be glad to have it working.

I 've forwarded your message to darwin-development@lists.apple.com maybe somebody from there can help.

Greetings, Lars