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1998.08.21 14:40 "tiff2ps", by Helge Blischke
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1998.08.25 12:55 "Re: tiff2eps", by Helge Blischke

1998.08.25 12:55 "Re: tiff2eps", by Helge Blischke

Do you have any information on converting the TIFF clipping path to EPS?


the TIFF 6 spec tells nothing about clipping path but about "transparency masks". The latter might be treated as data for the imagemask in a PostScript environment (that's what our TIFF procset does).

If you think of the clipping path information provided by applications like Adobe Photoshop, that's a proprietary tag and data format (which is currently ignored by our procset). With some effort, this data could be analyzed and transformed into a postcript compliant clipping path. But, as with Photoshop, this path maight bee too complex for many PostScript interpreters.