2009.11.29 17:02 "[Tiff] Reentrancy patches", by Adam Goode

2009.11.29 17:02 "[Tiff] Reentrancy patches", by Adam Goode


In December 2005, several built in fields were converted to custom fields. This worked ok in general except for array-based fields that had defaults. In this case, the 2005 patches made TIFFGetFieldDefaulted return static buffers for WhitePoint, ReferenceBlackWhite, and YCbCrCoefficients. This made libtiff non-reentrant in a way that had formerly been reentrant.

I have created 3 patches that revert some of the changes from Dec 2005. This is not the only way to fix the reentrancy problems, but it is fairly simple and I basically just used code pulled out of old CVS, so it is more likely to be correct.

(Please let me know if I should stop sending patches like this. I could put these things into Bugzilla just as well.)