2000.04.28 02:38 "VC++ Release build causes problems", by Peter Montgomery

2000.04.28 04:32 "Re: VC++ Release build causes problems", by Roy Darrall

Has anyone else encountered this? Is anyone else using VC++ with a release build and loading RGBA images?

Peter, I know for sure that the VC++ (5.0) optimiser screws up some of the compression modules.

Its better to ajust the project settings for VC 5 release builds just to not link in debug info and only switch on the optimiser for modules where you *really* need it.

We don't do RGBA and I don't know if you are using VC 5 or 6 (may be same, may be fixed, I don't know, we haven't been brave enough to tackle a whole new Microsoft release yet), or compression, but thats my experience...


Roy Darrall