2006.01.10 07:41 "[Tiff] Incorrect IFD???", by Thomas Oldenkott

2006.01.10 07:41 "[Tiff] Incorrect IFD???", by Thomas Oldenkott


ich have ab problem creating a multipage tiff image. The 8 byte image file header is ok, but something is going wrong in the IFD. The beginning of the IFD consists of a 2-byte count of the number of directory (i. e., the number of fields). My image has 16 tags and the value has to be (in hex) "10 00", hasn't it?

I need these images for a special import process. I have a full funcionally sample (which is not created by me) where the IFD design is correct. But when I create an multipage tiff image with the lifftib library I get other values at this postion. Sometimes it is for example FF FF. By checking these images for the special import process it returns a failure. It can't read the correct count of the tags (FF FF instead of 10 00).

I post some screenshots for a better understanding and in hope that somebody can help me.

example which is correctly imported: www.fleischhacker.biz/TIFF/correct1.jpg


the image created with libtiff:

Best regards

Tom Oldenkott