2006.01.04 14:30 "[Tiff] tiffcp photometric issue", by Larry Sanders

2006.01.05 17:52 "Re: [Tiff] Open tiff in memory", by Edward Lam

Hey, does anyone know how to use something like TIFFOpen from a byte array? I already have the TIFF loaded in memory and I'm currently writing to a temp file to use TIFFOpen.

Yes. See the TIFFClientOpen() function. It allows you to define a set of functions for doing libtiff I/O in an arbitrary fashion. So you can do I/O to memory by supplying a set of functions to do so.

If you're using C++, then this is already done for you in tif_stream.C. I believe it's turned off right now by default in the build system due to ABI issues. So if you compile libtiff with it enabled, you can then run create a ostrstream our of your buffer which you then pass to TIFFStreamOpen().