2000.10.16 13:40 "using VB", by Sim Zacks

2000.10.16 13:55 "RE: using VB", by Chris Losinger

I have to use VB 6 for a very simple project. I have a tiff image of a form. I read a file and I want to copy the text in the file to the image, and then save the image with a different name. I've used libtiff with Delphi and wrote a DLL, but I am having trouble converting the tiff.h file to VB. Has anyone on the list done this yet? Or does anyone know of a free Tiff viewer that will give me access to the HDC? I've been trying to use the Wang tool, but I can't figure out how to use the graphical API on it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

see http://www.designercontrols.com

they have a nice ActiveX image viewer / manipulator.