1994.08.07 00:54 "Problems with v3.3beta015", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard

1994.08.08 15:12 "Re: Problems with v3.3beta015", by Sam Leffler

I am trying to move the 015 beta version of libtiff to windows (16bit) and found that the optimization made by Sam Leffler in the fax compression causes problems with the 16bit compiler because arrays cannot take up more than 64Kb space. The "TIFFFax1DFSM" takes up 2x230x256 = 115Kb.

Can anyone come up with a solution (soon please!? I need this software up and running, preferably by the end of this week!)??? Sam???

Either split the arrays back into separate pieces or replace the existing code with one that's not based on the large FSM tables. Peter Deutsch has a smaller encoder/decoder that'll be in Ghostscript 3.0 that might be worth looking into. I looked at an early version of it and it didn't appear to be as fast as my code and the encoder seemed to have a bug (my decoder complained about the output generated from his encoder). You can also dredge up my older G3 support which uses no FSM tables.