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1994.08.25 11:39 "CRAY installation problem", by Dietrich Bartel
1994.08.25 16:30 "Re: CRAY installation problem", by Sam Leffler

1994.08.25 16:30 "Re: CRAY installation problem", by Sam Leffler

I try to install v3.3beta015 on CRAY YMP (UNICOS 8.0). The compilation works well with "make RANLIB=touch -f Makefile.sun". Unfortunately the CRAY has no IEEE floating point format, so I have to add the support by using conversion routines provided by CRAY (FORTRAN). According to the README file this support has to be done in tif_machdep.c but I can't find this file. Any hints or has anybody already done such support on CRAY or another machine?

Sorry, the distribution is still called "beta" 'cuz the documentation is out of date (that's one reason at least). There is no tif_machdep.c file; that was purged long ago. To support a non-IEEE floating point you need to define two functions:


that are used in tif_dirread.c and tif_dirwrite.c (look at the code for particulars). Other than that I think you should be ok. I recall at least one person saying they'd ported an older version of the tiff library to the Cray; perhaps they'll contact you. Otherwise if you get stuff running, please send me your mods so that I can include them in future distributions.