2003.02.14 00:48 "Found an Old style JPEG creator", by Dwight Kelly

2003.02.14 19:00 "Re: Oldstyle JPEG producer", by Dwight Kelly

Here is the response I received from PixTran regarding their software producing Old Style JPEG (COMPRESSION=6) instead of the modern way COMPRESSION=7.


Regarding SR # 63603153 - TIFF with compression type 7:

Thank you for the link: http://partners.adobe.com/asn/developer/graphics/graphics.html However, there is nothing in that document that says that Compression=7 is now a standard. Adobe may have implemented that compression in their software, which they can do, but per http://www.libtiff.org TIFF spec 6 is the current standard, and Compression=7 as a recommendation.

Since Adobe is using this compression in their software, we should add this enhancement to our toolkits. However, I don't see us making compression=6 obsolete since compression=6 still is current in the latest TIFF Specification (6.0).