2000.06.08 20:39 "Documentation, samples, and silly questions.", by Thom Farrell

2000.06.09 14:16 "RE: Documentation, samples, and silly questions.", by Thom Farrell


:Drink a cup of coffee.
Always good advice. Check.

I have the specification, checked http://www.libtiff.org and have downloaded and installed libtiff 3.5.5. No worries there. <: I have been working with some code which extracts TIFFs from magnetic tape, matches them to corrosponding information tranfered with the tape, and then inserts them into an Informix database for a few months now but my company is looking to add some additional "edit checks" to prevent problems with some of images for a downstream application; among other things. It was easy enough to maintain and modify, it gets interesting blazing new ground (for my company <:). The example programs tiffinfo and tiffdump are good examples, just making sure I am not missing valuable information and filling in some holes in my understanding of them. <: