2012.12.18 18:53 "[Tiff] More problems with libjpeg cross-version differences", by Tom Lane

2012.12.18 20:09 "Re: [Tiff] More problems with libjpeg cross-version differences", by Bob Friesenhahn

It does seem that updating check_rgb_pixel() and check_rgba_pixel() to allow some slop is a reasonable solution. It also seems reasonable to select the correct set of expected values if possible so that the allowed slop can be as small as possible.

Yeah. I was intending to take the two known values and allow a couple counts slop on either side of that range. We might have to expand the ranges in future, but it would be a pretty painless thing to do compared to trying to identify the exact expected behavior from the library's available version info.

The sloppy approach is fine with me. The main intent is to be a sanity check rather than to assert absolute conformity.

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