2004.09.10 18:58 "[Tiff] Reading private data sub dir", by Chris Losinger

i'm considering migrating from 3.5.7 to 3.6.1. my biggest problem so far is that i've built a lot of stuff around the private subdir functionality that was in the tiff_pdsdirread.c add-on. but, tiff_pdsdirread.c doesn't work with 3.6.1.

so, i'm hoping there's a way to do in 3.6.1 what tiff_pdsdirread used to do: provide a way to read private data subdirs (EXIF data, in my case) and, ideally, to hook into it with a callback function so that my app can be force-fed the EXIF tags as they're read.

can anyone give me some pointers here?

Chris Losinger
Smaller Animals Software, Inc.