2002.07.29 18:58 "How to read number of pages for multipage TIFF", by Eugene Feiguelman

2002.08.16 07:39 "Re: How to read number of pages for multipage TIFF", by Andreas R. Kleinert

Could you please advise the method to retreive the number of pages from multipage TIFF frile.. I know this is a tag 297(129H) ...but how to read it?

Two possible answers, depending on what you meant:

  1. The same way as any other tag.
  2. The same way as in tif_dir.c - which has functions for this - or by scanning the file on your own, following the offset to the first directory as given in the header.

For 2. the answer is:

tif = TIFFOpen(name, "rb");
pages = TIFFNumberOfDirectories(tif);
TIFFSetDirectory(tif, n); // where n is 0..(pages-1)

For 1. the point is:

TIFFGetField() or custom code.

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