2003.02.26 17:50 "newbie", by John Carter

2003.02.26 17:50 "newbie", by John Carter


I'm new to the tiff format and I have two questions and I'm sure both have been asked before.

  1. I was sent a ( what seems to be know as a Wang tiff ) file. it seems to have tags ( i assume there's more than one ) that aren't defined in the adobe spec <http://partners.adobe.com/asn/developer/PDFS/TN/TIFF6.pdf> http://partners.adobe.com/asn/developer/PDFS/TN/TIFF6.pdf. tag 32934 is the one I've questions about. since the offset is 0 I assume its referring to the first few bytes (~150 dec) at the start of the file but what to do with them, since their not "core" tags I assume they can be skipped but completeness would be nice.
  2. I'm writing an ocr project as a hobby and would like to be able to source tiff images as well as the bmp format that the program can currently read/write to. so far I've managed to process the tags in the file (baring the one above) and stored there in a struct ( C language ) of long and long* more or less. but what's next, the link referenced above seems to explain what the tags contain rather that what to do with them. does any one know of a site that explains how to get the data stored in the offsets into a matrix of size image_length * image_width.

thanks jc


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