2024.02.10 14:10 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff 4.6.0 is released", by Greg Troxel

2024.02.10 14:10 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff 4.6.0 is released", by Greg Troxel

Greg Troxel <gdt@lexort.com> writes (in *September 2023*):

> I am really unclear on whether there will be fallout from tools removal.
> Again not a complaint; I just don't like surprises. My expectation is
> very little to maybe none, and that if so it will be run time not
> build/install/package time. So if anyone updates tiff in a packaging
> system, and does or doesn't find issues, I would appreciate a note here
> from fellow packagers. I'll post myself after updating.

I updated tiff in pkgsrc on October 16.

So far, the only thing broken is hylafax, which errors out at configure time not finding tiff2ps. I realize this is very well known, but I'm not clear on packager consensus about how to deal with current situation.

Hylafax's last change was in 2018:


I did not even find an open bug that hylafax fails with tiff 4.6.0 (The most recent open bug was opened in 2020.)


So I just created one:


I am inclined to take the position:

hylafax is unmaintained and it's just aging out of working. While that's unfortunate, it needs to be fixed upstream and it's not reasonable to expect packaging systems to work around problems in software whose last release was over 5 years ago.

Another approach is to create a tiff2ps split package that builds tiff2ps anyway, and have hylafax also depend on that, if someone wants to make hylafax work. I don't think it is reasonable to enable tiffp2s in the main tiff package.

What are other packagers doing about this? Are you:

not updating libtiff because of hylafax?

no updating libtiff for some other reason?

re-enabling tiff2ps in the main tiff package?

adding a split package for just tiff2ps (or also a 2nd thing hylafax

leaving hylafax broken, marked BROKEN, or removing it entirely?

something else?