2005.08.12 06:32 "[Tiff] postscript conversion.", by Rajesh Kumar

2005.09.09 06:48 "Re: [Tiff] postscript conversion.", by Rob van den Tillaart

Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

I have a requirement...I need to convert Postscript file to TIFF... I cannot use ghostscript because it has some license problems....

how can i render text into image to TIFF.....

If you can not use Ghostscript or license some other implementation then it is just a small matter of writing your own Postscript interpreter. This should take only a few years for a team of experts to implement.

There is a free version of GhostScript for non commercial use and if your use is commercial you just should bill your customer for the price of GhostScript. Can you explain the license problem to me?

Besides GhostScript there are other PostScript Interpreters probably with other license conditions, but I expect they are not free as BOb stated you need a bunch of experts to build a decent interpreter.

Alternative: other interpreter

A quick google for postscript interpreter gave: - http://www.rops.org/

Didn't check if it generates TIFF (or other bitmap format) directly

Alternative: via PDF

use adobe distiller to generate PDF first and then use a tool like http://www.pdf-tools.com/asp/products.asp?name=P2IA to generate TIFF.

Alternative: print & scan just print the PostScript and scan the images.


Are the PostScriptfiles you're source documents? NB There also exist printerdrivers that can generate TIFF directly. E.g: http://www.informatik.com/tiffwork.html


rob tillaart