2023.09.19 15:24 "[Tiff] unsupported/archived tools and feature in v4.6.0", by Lee Howard

2023.09.19 18:10 "Re: [Tiff] unsupported/archived tools and feature in v4.6.0", by Steve Underwood

In the third case, it seems really obvious that it would be best to have a tifftools project that has the removed tools, and maintains them, and makes releases. Then everyone who wants them can share.

Copying them into hylafax addresses hylafax needs, but it doesn't help anyone else, and those other people won't want to help hylafax. I would view that as a very suboptimal outcome. But of course the license gives you permission to do this :-)

I wholeheartedly agree about a separate tifftools project being the preferred option. However, I'm not interested in taking full responsibility for managing another software project or maintaining code for tools that HylaFAX doesn't use at all. So, if there are people in the community who want a separate tifftools project, please speak up. I'll gladly contribute to it, but I don't want to own it.

I would have gladly stepped in previously to address the CVEs in tools that HylaFAX uses if I had known that the developers here were going to archive/disable them rather than address or continue to ignore the CVEs. As those CVEs didn't seem relevant to HylaFAX use (even in the tools that HylaFAX uses) it wasn't a priority to me.

I had become unsubscribed from this list a long time ago after one of its domain changes, I think, and thus didn't know about what was going on. It wasn't until a HylaFAX user/packager brought v4.6.0 changes to my attention that I knew about them.

I also rely on some of those utilities being in distributions. Is there a concise list of the relevant CVEs? I would rather spend some time fixing issues than see a valuable utility get dropped.