2005.09.09 22:53 "[Tiff] TIFFTAG_DATETIME", by Bob Friesenhahn

2005.09.11 04:22 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFTAG_DATETIME", by Bob Friesenhahn

I made a fix in libtiff a few days ago which related to a double free for strings for custom tags. As an experiment back when I started custom tags, I made TIFFTAG_DATETIME get handled through the custom mechanism to excercise things. I suspect this is the bug you ran into.

I think it would be a good idea for us to find out when this problem was introduced in libtiff, and issue a new release soon with the fix. It handle occured to me before that there were any custom tags in common use that would make this a major bug. But now that I see this problem cound affect many libtiff users I think we need to push out a bug fix release.

The bug does sound pretty important.

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