2004.12.16 22:25 "[Tiff] configuring for JBIG", by Lee Howard

2004.12.20 13:34 "Re: [Tiff] configuring for JBIG", by Leonard Rosenthol

At 08:32 AM 12/20/2004, Darren Nickerson wrote:
>In addition to the GPL vs. non-GPL nature of toolkits, implementors need
>to be aware that the arithmetic coders in JBIG (and JBIG2) are patented:


>I don't know how authoritative that are when they say that the MQ-coder in
>JBIG2 can be licensed for free from IBM and Mitsubishi.

Also, most licensors of JBIG2 will include patent coverage as part of their license. (ie. the licensor doesn't have to worry about it directly)


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