2005.09.05 06:11 "[Tiff] Porting libtiff to ARM", by Katrina Maramba

2005.09.05 07:00 "Re: [Tiff] Porting libtiff to ARM", by Rob van den Tillaart

Hi Katrina,

A recent hint in the libtiff archive: http://www.asmail.be/msg0055178667.html

As I have no experience with ARM processor you might look for a linux distribution for ARM containing libtiff? COuld contain some compile hints.


Do you have any notes/ documentation on how to port libtiff to ARM? I am having problems porting.

Also, I noticed something... I had modified the makefile and I didn't join tif_win32.c and tif_stream.cxx in the build since they had some compile and link errors so I thought I'd give it a try without these two files. In doing so, the parser still ran but the strip chopping process is no longer done (I did a comparison with my workspace that had all the files). Is it correct to assume that the strip chopping process is not done because of the "deletion" of the two files from the makefile?