2005.08.17 19:55 "[Tiff] getting libtiff error on AIX 5.1", by Philip Watkinson

2005.08.18 20:01 "RE: [Tiff] getting libtiff error on AIX 5.1", by Philip Watkinson

Found the source of the problem. The Libtiff software will not work with the AIX large file environment (_LARGE_FILES, _LARGE_FILE_API). lseek() in tif_unix.c returned an error causing Libtiff to generate the error message "Error writing data for field StripOffsets" when writing the directory.


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Generating the same multipage TIFF file on Windows, Linux, Solaris and

AIX 5.1. All work except AIX. With AIX, I'm getting the error:

Error writing data for field "StripOffsets". It appears that this error
occurs when TIFFWriteDirectory() is called. In my program
TIFFWriteDirectory() is called after writing all the scan lines with

Has anyone experienced this problem or have any suggestions for fixing


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