2004.01.23 04:48 "[Tiff] How to convert MINISBLACK to PHOTOMETRIC_RGB", by Pushkar Pradhan

2004.01.23 17:38 "Re: [Tiff] How to convert MINISBLACK to PHOTOMETRIC_RGB", by Frank Warmerdam

> samples/bands/channels.

I'm confused. It's only now I (think I) understand the word 'band' is used as another word for 'channel' and 'sample' throughout this discussion. Is that correct? It's confusing, since it to me that word seems to be more like 'strip' then like 'channel' or 'sample'.


In the remote sensing community we used (still?) sometimes call what is a "sample" in TIFF a channel. Apparently it originally had something to do with comunications channels to the satellite or something. Band is another common name in the general imaging community I think. I suspect that it derives from a band representing a chunk of wavelength or bandwidth. I agree that band sounds alot like strip, and sometimes when I stop and think about it, it amazes me the amount of terminology and jargon involved in something as simple as raster files. BTW, in JPEG2000 they call a "sample" a "component".

"sample" == "band" == "channel" == "component" ==?

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