1994.09.16 04:17 "TIFF Bit Ordering Versus Fill Order", by John M Davison

1994.09.19 23:31 "Re: TIFF Bit Ordering Versus Fill Order", by Jim Arnold

Using bit field order is a fragile and inconclusive way to determine bit order. The order in which the compiler allocates bit fields has NOTHING to do with the bit order of the values in the fields themselves. I've seen compilers that allocate bit fields in the opposite order for machines with the same byte/bit order.

Sam, you're better off ignoring all this blather about bit order. Leave the library alone. You've already implemented the only sensible policy. Trying to do more will make things worse for the people who do understand the issues, and it will not enlighten those who do not.

I understand the urge to please one's customers. You'll please this customer by doing the right thing: nothing.

Jim Arnold