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2003.05.28 20:55 "re: graphic converters for tiff files", by bhoomika rawat


i am working on 8 bit tiff files using scion image/nih image. when i take the tiff files from one computer to the other sometimes there appear to be bugs in the software. and the file cannot be opened correctly, sometimes not at all. i want the files to appear as on the first computer i.e. all the slices available so that i can work on animation of the image.

besides if i save a file from tiff to some other format and then take it to the other computer, then convert it back to tiff, the file appears as a single picture and not the slices taken originally. i tried a number of graphic converters available online for this. maybe i am using the wrong ones. can you suggest a graphic converter which will preserve the tiff file in the uncompressed format? i have already tried graphic converter 2003, graphic converter pro, fcoder (2tiff), image converter and editor, imagengine, lead tools, photo impact viewer, mega view, smart pix manager



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