2003.04.27 12:15 "Coding style for libtiff?", by Tom Kacvinsky

2003.04.28 18:14 "Re: Coding style for libtiff?", by Sam Leffler

But this brings up the point of the coding style for libtiff. Is there a "code mom" that takes care of formatting of submitted patches, or is it up to the submitter of the patch to do the right formatting? Is there an indent style that the maintainers use? If so, let me know what it is and I can run indent on my local code before running 'cvs diff -u'

There isn't strong coding style in libtiff, but to be similar to other code you should use tabs (not spaces) for indentation. If you are using Vim you may aplly something like

The original code is KNF (Kernel Normal Form) with mixed-case variable names.