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2003.01.28 21:50 "thread safe?", by michael linden
2003.01.29 18:38 "Re: thread safe?", by Phillip Crews

2003.01.29 18:38 "Re: thread safe?", by Phillip Crews


I use libtiff in a multi-threaded environment and I don't know of any major issues. The only thing I'm aware of that is not thread-safe is that libtiff uses a single pointer for the Error and Warning routines, so you need to always use the same routines (changing them in one thread changes them in all threads). It's easy to code around this using thread-specific flags. (In VC++, __declspec(thread) ).

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I'm sure this has been discussed, but since I'm new to the list...

can anyone tell me if the tiff lib is thread safe and re-entrant?

or is there class/object wrapper available for the lib that might make this possible?

thanks in advanced