2004.08.27 05:08 "[Tiff] Copy custom TIFF tags", by Sachin Garg

2004.08.28 13:21 "[Tiff] Re: Copy custom TIFF tags", by Sachin Garg

I did a bit of google and read a few posts which said that I need to register an extender routine for the tags I wish to read/write.

I guess that wont be feasable in my case as I want to copy *all* the tags in a Tiff Image. If libtiff doesnt supports this functionality, I can work on this to add this functionality to it, if someone can guide me on how to approach the problem.

ps. I tried to checkout the most recent code from cvs but couldnt do it. Can someone also mention the correct cvs settings needed. (and fix those on libtiff.org)

Sachin Garg