2003.05.05 14:09 "16bit floats", by Kai-Uwe Behrmann

2003.05.05 15:17 "Re: 16bit floats", by Axel Waggershauser

Hi Kai-Uwe,

is here anybody who uses floats with 16bit in here/his application? I would like to read / write and to exchange images within this format with others. But I am not aware of any application wich allready reads this data type.

We are working with 16-bit float images as well but use the OpenEXR format (www.openexr.org). It's based on a floatingpoint representation called "half" wich is used by NVIDIA in their new graphic cards as well.

Maybe, it would be possible/good/desirable to extend the set of supported types of the libtiff to include this "half" type.