2003.06.26 21:08 "Bug located in Sam Leffler's thumbnail.c", by Robert S. Kissel

2003.06.27 20:00 "Re: Bug located in Sam Leffler's thumbnail.c", by Andrey Kiselev

The bugzilla.remotesensing.org facility doesn't seem to respond.

There's a bug in the file thumbnail.c (which serves as one of the application examples), namely, _TIFFfree is never called to release memory in the function "generateThumbnail."

It probably has gone unnoticed until now because nobody has used the code, before me, to thumbnail an extremely large number of IFD's in a single file.

If anybody can get Mr. Leffler in touch with me, I'll answer any questions he has about the problem, but I think he'll see what needs to be repaired if he reads this post.


libtiff library currently maintained by Frank Warmerdam and me (Andrey Kiselev), so you should send your bugreports to us. But using Bugzilla is most preferable way and I'm just checked it out --- Bugzilla works fine for me. Please, try to fill bug entry at


I downloaded my copy of the source in late February or March, so I doubt if it has been corrected since.

Latest libtiff release is 3.6.0beta2, it is almost ready to final release, so I'm suggest to try it first. If you problem exist in this code, fill a bugreport.

You can download 3.6.0beta2 here:



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