2003.02.07 01:01 "Please help test a TIF file for me... 60 seconds of your time", by James Belshan

2003.02.07 16:10 "RE: Please help test a TIF file for me... 60 seconds of your tim e", by James Belshan

Thanks to all the testers...

It's been an interesting few weeks... I'm relieved that my TIFFs are finally coming out the way they need to. Had I found libtiff sooner in the game I may have tried to use it instead of my own VB-code, but now that my code is working... I'm not touching it. Plus, if I didn't hack through it myself I wouldn't have learned about binary files and TIFF.

> Gennady wrote:
> Opens fine in MapObjects2.1 but something funny with black border.
> No border on opening view and it appears with zoomIn peace by peace

Yes, this happens in my MS programs, too. Thin lines tend to disappear when you Zoom out. I guess the program doesn't know how to display them when they're less than 1 pixel wide... I'll just ask my boss for a huge plasma-screen monitor so I won't have this problem :)