2006.05.05 15:55 "[Tiff] making an rpm ?", by Chris Sharman

I've got fedora core 4,
(installed via rpm).

I downloaded the 3.8.2 kit, untarred it, and did:

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-zlib --enable-jpeg
(the old tiff2ps was in /usr/bin/tiff2ps)

It said lots of stuff, as promised, and looked ok.

How do I tell which version I'm using?

I notice the man page for tiff2ps mentions (under BUGS) that postscript

doesn't support colormap.

It has for quite some time now, as /Indexed colorspace.

Is there a list of gotchas anywhere that are likely to bite me - a

friend said cmyk support was missing?

I may have some time to work on stuff like that...

(written a tiff reader before in pascal for vms).


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