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I need to retrive information about ,tiff multipage .My program must split multipage tiff file in single tiff file in Delphi. someone can teel me how to do.

You might want to consider this: you can use the existing tiffcp.exe tool to do what you want. So if you're desperate to get things working ASAP, you can just launch it from within your Delphi app. Here is a snippet of the help from the tool:

Note that input filenames may be of the form filename,x,y,z
where x, y, and z specify image numbers in the filename to copy.
example: tiffcp -c none -b esp.tif,1 esp.tif,0 test.tif
  subtract 2nd image in esp.tif from 1st yielding uncompressed result test.tif

So, just construct command-line arguments by appending a comma and the (incrementing) image number to the input filename. I suppose that you can keep calling it until it returns an error (basically, if errorlevel is not zero, there was a problem, most likely you "ran out" of successive images in that file, if everything is cool -- enough free disk space, valid output filename, etc).

Otherwise, you can maybe use tiffcp's source to help you figure out how to recreate similar functionality directly in your application.

Good luck!