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> I have some unclear issues:
> (1) What DLL do I need (I have: zlib1.dll, libtiff3.dll,
> libpng13.dll, libimage.dll, jpeg62.dll, glut32.dll).

These are sensible questions, but (at the risk of sounding obnoxious) they are solveable by reading and understanding the error messages -- if not, it would be worth brushing up on some of your compile/link basics (I had to ;-). That said, you can build a "lite" version without any additional 3rd-party libs by setting up the configuration (see tif_config.h* / nmake.opt) to exclude them (this is a good starting point). Eventually, you'll probably want at least zlib and jpeglib. You can find pre-compiled Win32 binaries of these on the net (don't forget to consider debug-vs-release issues, etc).

> (2) What .Lib do I need for the corresponding DLL's (I have:

> libtiff.lib, libtiff-bcc.lib)? And which LIB belong to which

> DLL? Where are the rest of the LIB's?

As for linking libtiff with your application, you should (after building libtiff) have libtiff.lib, libtiff.dll, and libtiff_i.lib (import library for the dynamic version of the library). Then you either link libtiff.lib to your app, or link libtiff_i.lib and make sure libtiff.dll is in the same folder that your executable is (or on the path, I suppose).

> (3) Dows this DLL's and LIB's can be used under Windows 32
> (Windows XP 32bit)?


> (4) Where can I get a working sample project that I can use
> under Visual Studio 2003?

If you (or someone else) has a place where files can be placed, I could probably throw a sample solution/project file up -- please reply directly to me with any relevant login info, etc.