2005.02.02 23:28 "[Tiff] New sample TIFF images package", by Bob Friesenhahn

2005.02.02 23:28 "[Tiff] New sample TIFF images package", by Bob Friesenhahn

I put a new sample TIFFs package out for ftp. The package may be retrieved from


This package is placed in the public domain so it may be used for any purpose, including being part of libtiff's next 'pics' package.

The files are all generated using development GraphicsMagick 1.2. Some of the formats are extremely obscure, and in fact could be the first time the format has ever been generated. Please let me know if you spot a format problem with any of the files.

The following is a summary of the files in the latest package:

flower-minisblack-strip-02.tif  73x43 2-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-strip-04.tif  73x43 4-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-strip-06.tif  73x43 6-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-strip-08.tif  73x43 8-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-strip-10.tif  73x43 10-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-strip-12.tif  73x43 12-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-strip-14.tif  73x43 14-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-strip-16.tif  73x43 16-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-strip-24.tif  73x43 24-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-strip-32.tif  73x43 32-bit minisblack strip gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-02.tif   73x43 2-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-04.tif   73x43 4-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-06.tif   73x43 6-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-08.tif   73x43 8-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-10.tif   73x43 10-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-12.tif   73x43 12-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-14.tif   73x43 14-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-16.tif   73x43 16-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-24.tif   73x43 24-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-minisblack-tile-32.tif   73x43 32-bit minisblack tiled gray image
flower-palette-strip-02.tif     73x43 4-entry colormapped strip image
flower-palette-strip-04.tif     73x43 16-entry colormapped strip image
flower-palette-strip-08.tif     73x43 256-entry colormapped strip image
flower-palette-strip-16.tif     73x43 65536-entry colormapped strip image
flower-palette-tile-02.tif      73x43 4-entry colormapped tiled image
flower-palette-tile-04.tif      73x43 16-entry colormapped tiled image
flower-palette-tile-08.tif      73x43 256-entry colormapped tiled image
flower-palette-tile-16.tif      73x43 65536-entry colormapped tiled image
flower-rgb-strip-contig-02.tif  73x43 2-bit contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-contig-04.tif  73x43 4-bit contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-contig-08.tif  73x43 8-bit contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-contig-10.tif  73x43 10-bit contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-contig-12.tif  73x43 12-bit contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-contig-14.tif  73x43 14-bit contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-contig-16.tif  73x43 16-bit contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-contig-24.tif  73x43 24-bit contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-contig-32.tif  73x43 32-bit contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-planar-02.tif  73x43 2-bit seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-planar-04.tif  73x43 4-bit seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-planar-08.tif  73x43 8-bit seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-planar-10.tif  73x43 10-bit seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-planar-12.tif  73x43 12-bit seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-planar-14.tif  73x43 14-bit seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-planar-16.tif  73x43 16-bit seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-planar-24.tif  73x43 24-bit seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-strip-planar-32.tif  73x43 32-bit seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-contig-02.tif   73x43 2-bit tiled contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-contig-04.tif   73x43 4-bit tiled contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-contig-08.tif   73x43 8-bit tiled contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-contig-10.tif   73x43 10-bit tiled contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-contig-12.tif   73x43 12-bit tiled contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-contig-14.tif   73x43 14-bit tiled contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-contig-16.tif   73x43 16-bit tiled contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-contig-24.tif   73x43 24-bit tiled contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-contig-32.tif   73x43 32-bit tiled contiguous RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-planar-02.tif   73x43 2-bit tiled seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-planar-04.tif   73x43 4-bit tiled seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-planar-08.tif   73x43 8-bit tiled seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-planar-10.tif   73x43 10-bit tiled seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-planar-12.tif   73x43 12-bit tiled seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-planar-14.tif   73x43 14-bit tiled seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-planar-16.tif   73x43 16-bit tiled seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-planar-24.tif   73x43 24-bit tiled seperated RGB image
flower-rgb-tile-planar-32.tif   73x43 32-bit tiled seperated RGB image
flower-separated-strip-contig-08.tif    73x43 8-bit strip contiguous CMYK image
flower-separated-strip-contig-16.tif    73x43 16-bit strip contiguous CMYK image
flower-separated-strip-planar-08.tif    73x43 8-bit strip separated CMYK image
flower-separated-strip-planar-16.tif    73x43 16-bit strip separated CMYK image

Bob Friesenhahn