2017.01.20 19:06 "[Tiff] Fwd: TIFF image displayed upside down", by Vincent Torri

2017.01.20 20:07 "Re: [Tiff] Fwd: TIFF image displayed upside down", by Bob Friesenhahn

So TIFFRGBAImageGet will always reorient the image and it does it the "windows bitmap" way.

thank you, i know why :)

now, how can I use libtiff to display it correctly? i've tried several things, without success

If the image is oriented in strips then you could use scanline-level access with TIFFReadScanline(). This would mean that you need to decode (unpack) the scanlines yourself. This is much more efficient than TIFFRGBAImageGet() but it is also quite a lot more work.

If you were able to run a utility on your target, then you could use 'tiffcrop' to rotate the image.

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