2023.08.16 13:08 "[Tiff] any volunteer release manager?", by Even Rouault

2023.08.16 15:31 "Re: [Tiff] any volunteer release manager?", by Rob Tillaart

Hi Even,

Not volunteering for release manager however a few remarks pop up

- is there any release policy document?
- in a past job I have encountered
  - release on request (except on Friday afternoon)
  - release on urgency
  - release on some time argument (day, week, sprint, month, quarter, year)
  - release when hardware was released (software was following)

All had their pros and cons so having a release policy can help to manage the expectations of

- the users
- the developers
- the maintainers

For the TIFF library I would propose the following release policy (just a starting point)

  1. There is a nightly build of the main/master branch available. (think this one is covered)
  2. Allows everyone to work with the latest greatest.
  3. There are two (or three?) releases per year for PR's that can wait - minor fixes/changes/adds/removes.
  4. The release month is communicated in advance.
  5. Maintainers can decide if a Pull/ Change Request is in coming release or one after.
  6. Developers know in theory a timeframe when their PR/CR is included.
  7. Additional releases can be made on request e.g. for broken code or security patches.
  8. Users have the right to request such release
  9. Developers have the right to work on such item
  10. Maintainers have the right to schedule the request.
  11. Maintainers can reschedule releases
  12. The release policy is written and maintained by the TIFF maintainers.

Just thinking out loud,